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Kunstner - Tesfa Solomon Messele
Tesfa Solomon Messele. I was born in Ethiopia, on December 8, 1984. I had been growing up under my father. While he was working any work of art, I had seen and tried to help him. Also I have been participated different art club, art competition and winter art courses.  After I finished high school I joined the Addis Ababa university school of fine arts and Design. I graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in department of a visual communication/ graphics arts/ on August 23-2007.

Career: I am a studio artist, side to side I have been working as an art trainer since 2009 at Entoto TVT College and I am going to graduated my M.A/master of fine arts within the coming 4 months. I have been participating more than three times solo art exhibition and several group art exhibitions such as the Alliance Ethio- Francine, The Tomoca Art Gallery, The Sheraton Addis Hotel, the Ethiopia national Museum, the Millennium hall, the Boston / tropical Zoon/, the Italian Culture, the Taza Art Gallery, the Makush Art Gallery, the Addis Ababa University school of fine arts, The serenade Restaurant Art gallery so many….. And regular art exhibitions at different art Gallery in Addis Ababa.
Inspiration: -The inspiration of the technique of the painting comes from watching TV. When the television makes vague those images are look like something new impressive style. So I have tried to depicting and create to make the vague figures by attaching the positive figures with the negative spaces by using different shapes and lines. Through this improvise I have got full of brush stroke style.  In this style I have used different subject matter ….my resent content is about life of Donkeys in Ethiopia. Most of the donkey and horse are strong, hard worker, patience, stubbornness, modesty...In a way, they are coming from an older time. They are deal with modernization for instance speed, / earning money, pollution, power...  These things are new and strange. In a way that is used to mankind has always put loads on their back. The Donkey/horse after they serve for their master, we have seen them to be “abandoned” on street, they have got wounded and they are looks odd and confusion with the environment especially while they are in the middle of the cars.
Bilde 1 m/utsnitt - Kunstner: Tesfa - Størrelse: 102,5 cm x 61,5 cm - Teknikk: Akryl på lerret - Pris: 11111,-  
Bilde 2 m/utsnitt - Kunstner: Tesfa - Størrelse: 80 cm x 80 cm - Teknikk: Akryl på lerret - Pris: 11111,-  

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